Tax Consulting

  • processing and preparation of tax returns (individual income, corporate income tax, VAT, road tax, real estate tax, real estate-transfer tax, inheritance tax, gift tax)
  • optimizing client’s tax base, including the usage of deductions from the income tax base according to § 34, par. 4 and 5
  • providing services to prepare companies for audits
  • providing economic analysis to determine the optimal base for company’s expenses
  • preparing business plans for loan applications
  • representing clients in Tax Office (FÚ), Social Security Administration Office (OSSZ), Insurance companies (ZP), Trade Licensing Office (ŽÚ) and courts
  • processing application and appeals to the Tax Office
  • processing applications for deadline for filing tax returns to 30.6. (June 30th)
  • providing legal advice
  • preparing contracts and consulting existing drafts of contracts
  • processing claims for the Financial Office and representing clients in court
  • establishing and liquidating all forms of businesses
  • functions as an information service

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